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How Much Purchasing Power + Delivery Cost Savings Do Distributors Deliver to Customers?
  • Distributors deliver to more than 220,000 sites of care including 195,000 physician offices, 5,700 hospitals, and 16,000 nursing home/extended care facilities.
  • When ordering through distributors the most efficient hospitals can save up to 66% on freight costs compared to direct-from-manufacturing ordering.
  • Three-fourths of all medical products distributors facilitate electronic ordering — saving hospitals 77.2% of the cost of ordering supplies by phone or fax.
  • electronic-ordersHealthcare providers save 68% of staff costs on every order when they work with medical products distributors.
  • A single distribution center supplies an average of 440 healthcare sites with medical products.
Why Distributors Increase Product Selection + Stock Accessibility?
  • icon-cartDistribution gives healthcare providers “one-stop-shopping” access to more than 200,000 medical products from over 2,200 manufacturers.
  • Physician offices order 96% of their medical products and supplies from a distributor.
  • When a healthcare provider orders medical supplies, distributors have it in stock 98% of the time.
How Do Distributors Support Patient Care?
  • gain-30-timeNearly 100% of patient procedures are supported by medical products delivered by a distributor.
  • Healthcare providers gain 30% more time for patient care when they work with a distributor.
What Makes Distributors Keep Healthcare Providers Prepared in an Emergency?
  • emergency-preparedness-radiusMost healthcare distributors are located within 50 miles of population centers to support first responders in emergency situations.
  • Distributors deliver medical products within 24 to 48 hours, helping clinicians reduce inventory expense and storage costs while providing efficient stock replenishment.