Patients Seek Quality Care, Even As Costs Climb

Patients Seek Quality Care, Even As Costs Climb

There has been a lot of talk lately about how rising expenses are changing the way consumers shop for healthcare. HIDA’s latest Horizon Report, Healthcare Consumerism: Quality and Cost Driving Patient Behavior, backs this idea. The research also shows that quality remains the most important factor in provider selection, leading both cost of care and a provider’s commitment to cleanliness and infection prevention.

Millennials focus more on costs than earlier generations, according to the report. More than one-third of Millennials choose their provider based on cost, compared to 24% of all patients, and approximately 21% of Millennials have changed providers to save money.  Despite their focus on cost, half of Millennials are willing to pay more out of their own pockets to visit a provider that offers newer equipment and products.

See the HIDA infographic for more details from this research. To access the report, as well as HIDA’s earlier consumer research on Millennials, visit

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