Hospital Labs Look To Manage Staffing And Cost Challenges

Hospital Labs Look To Manage Staffing And Cost Challenges

Staffing is the leading challenge for hospital labs in the coming year, according to HIDA’s 2018 Provider Survey: Hospital Laboratories Scrutinize Operations. These providers also cite inadequate staffing as having a negative impact on productivity. In addition to the conventional approaches to addressing staff shortages (improving recruitment, salary increases), these providers are looking at how personnel use their time and are exploring opportunities for automation.

HIDA’s infographic, Hospital Labs Focus On Staffing, Automation, Cost Control contains key highlights from the 2018 lab provider survey. Broadly, this resource shows that hospital labs are responding to staffing and other challenges by trying to achieve the same or greater outcomes with fewer inputs. Distributors can be key partners in pursuing this goal – in fact, one respondent said they plan to rely on their vendors to enhance automation. By drawing on their suppliers’ expertise to enhance staff productivity, hospital lab leaders can more effectively deploy their capabilities toward clinical challenges.

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