March-April 2014 Articles


Enhancing the Patient Experience | Mar-Apr 2014 online ePub format, download full issue (PDF)

Streamlining Healthcare


Enhancing the Patient Experience There’s a growing push among supply chain partners to support and improve a patient’s overall healthcare experience.

The Diagnostics Dilemma Diagnostics providers seek to do more with leaner lab budgets – some of the panelist’s answers may surprise you.

Healthcare Supply Chain 2014 In anticipation of HIDA’s Executive Conference, industry leaders share their thoughts on what supply chain partners can expect in the coming year and beyond.


INSIGHTS | Advocacy in action | Dave Myers, EVP, Seneca Medical, 2014 HIDA Board Chair
BY THE NUMBERS | News, trends and stats in the healthcare supply chain
WHAT I’VE LEARNED | Collaboration drives leadership | Charlie Neikam, Inova Health System
CAPITAL REPORT | Issues to watch: SGR patch, Pedigree and Medicaid expansion
SUPPLY STRATEGIES | Slimming your supply chain | Catholic Health
THE BIG PICTURE | Mergers, private practice and hospital data trends
CLOSE UP | Demand trends change, distributors respond | Mark Zacur, Fisher Healthcare