Streamlining Healthcare: Innovations in Supply Chain Management


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Healthcare providers are going through transformations to improve their supply chains while doing considerably more with less. Distributors must transform as well, and are recognizing more than ever how vital they are to their customers’ success.

Streamlining Healthcare


THE PRICE IS RIGHT Complex, multi-tier contracts make the distributor role essential in ensuring customers get the products they need at the prices they negotiate.

DEDICATED TO DISTRIBUTION Distributor-manufacturer partnerships improve efficiency and customer relationships, which is increasingly valuable to trading partners.

TRACING PATHS TO SUCCESS New prescription drug traceability system requirements enhance patient safety and supply chain integrity.


INSIGHTS | Transformation | Matthew J. Rowan, President & CEO, HIDA
BY THE NUMBERS | News, trends and stats in the healthcare supply chain
WHAT I’VE LEARNED | Building patient-centered relationships | Dr. James Merlino, Cleveland Clinic
CAPITAL REPORT | A roundup of federal and regulatory issues to track in the coming months
SUPPLY STRATEGIES | Leveraging GS1 standards for process improvement | Joe Dudas, Vice Chair, Category Management
THE BIG PICTURE | Assessment of the 2013-14 flu season & emerging trends in vaccinations
CLOSE UP | supply chain innovation and flexibility | Dennis Clock, President, Clock Medical Supply

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Streamlining Healthcare
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