Clinical Results Most Important To ASC Decision-Makers

Clinical Results Most Important To ASC Decision-Makers

When selecting a new product, 64% of ambulatory surgery center (ASC) leaders say demonstrated clinical results is one of the top factors, according to HIDA’s 2018 Provider Survey: Technology Drives ASC Expansion. Cost control is a close second, but 53% of ASCs say improving clinical outcomes is the most important supply chain goal.

One-third of ASCs are planning physical expansion within the next year, and many are planning to add new surgical capabilities in the coming years. Clinicians can look to their distributor customers to help with these plans. For example, distributors may be able to recommend the latest in medical technology that will allow them to take additional procedures out of the hospital setting. Competent distributors are also well-versed in the data behind their products, and will be able to guide providers to products backed by sound clinical evidence.

For more information, download the HIDA infographic Clinical Results, Technology Drive ASC Decision Making.

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