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Thought Leaders 2016white paper release: Making healthcare more efficient, more affordable & more effective to benefit every healthcare consumer. More
Are You Giving Your Patients the Best Visit Possible?

Patients, especially younger ones, pay very close attention to their surroundings during provider visits. They prefer providers with clean and accessible facili…

Healthcare Continues to Add Jobs While Providers Seek Top Talent

Staffing is a major challenge in all segments of the healthcare industry, according to HIDA’s Market Surveys. Attracting talented personnel was the number one…

Supporting Patient Care

Healthcare distributors support patient care

Distributors specialize in supplies so healthcare providers can focus on patient care. MoreRead more >>

Efficient Access

Healthcare distributors provide efficient access to supplies

Healthcare providers rely on distributors to deliver the right medical products, right on time. MoreRead more >>

Cost Management

Healthcare distributors improve cost management

Distributors improve procurement planning so providers can maximize limited budgets. MoreRead more >>


Hospital Procurement Study

Hospital Procurement Study (PDF)

PwC documents the activities and related costs for purchasing through distribution compared to purchasing directly from manufacturers. PDFRead PDF >>

Thought Leaders 2016

Thought Leaders 2016

Powerful forces are driving fundamental change throughout healthcare and providers need their supply chain partners to help them adapt. MoreFind out more >>

Improving Pricing Accuracy

Improving Pricing Accuracy whitepaper and conference

More than 120 suppliers, GPOs and providers met to improve healthcare contracting efficiency and make our supply chain less costly. More